Black & White

by Mason Zgoda

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Black & White weaves a beautiful, emotional story, and presents a contrast in more than just the title: from the hard-hitting pop/rock single "She's Gone" to the gentle, tender acoustic "More of You" to the upbeat, fun yet laid-back "My Love", the album artfully navigates the highs and lows of a young woman's life as she learns lessons of love, heartbreak, loss, and ultimately how to live with confidence in herself and have hope in the future.


released August 15, 2015

© 2015 Mason Zgoda
All songs written by Mason Zgoda
Executive Producer: Nathan Dowdy
Assistant Producer: Jordan Minor

Mason Zgoda: Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals
Nathan Dowdy: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Percussion
Jordan Minor: Electric Guitar/Banjo/Percussion/Vocals
Sam Brown: Bass, Piano
Josh Kelley: Drums

Produced and Recorded by Nathan Dowdy
At Studio 13 in Charlotte, NC
Engineered for Mix by Sam Brown and Nathan Dowdy at Hornet’s Nest Studios and Front Porch Studios
Mixed by Nathan Dowdy at Front Porch Studios in Charlotte, NC
Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering in Boston, MA

Creative Direction: Mason Zgoda
Art Direction/Design: Nathan Dowdy
Photography: Amanda Macquade
Calligraphy: Kimberly Powell
Project Support & Coordination: Nathan Dowdy, Jordan Minor
Pre-Production Consulting: Stephen Bellaire
Promotion/Distribution: Nathan Dowdy Media, Bella Love Media



all rights reserved


Mason Zgoda Charlotte, North Carolina

Mason Zgoda, born and raised in Harrisburg NC, began writing and playing music at age eleven.

"For me, music has always been about communicating and expressing." she says, "I'm not so good at talking about how I feel, but I feel very, very deeply. Somehow, with music, I could put it into words."

Mason releases her debut pop/rock album "Black & White" on August 15th, 2015.
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Track Name: She's Gone
She’s Gone
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
She’s passionate
Lives without a safety net
Never even stood a chance
All out or in
Falls in love and breaks again
Doesn’t know the meaning of balance

She’s a puppet on a string
She’s a slave to her dreams
And she never saw it coming
Cause she never knew what to believe

She is running, she is gone
She is finding her words in a song
She’s not worried, she’s got it all figured out
She is falling, she falls fast
She thinks love’s not meant to last
She is running, she is gone
She’s gone

Verse 2:
She falls apart
Some fool breaks her heart
She swears love off for a while
She falls from the sky
Pick her up, ask her why
She’ll tell you it was all for his smile

She’s a puppet on a string
She’s a slave to her dreams
And even after it had hit her
She still didn’t know what to believe


Oh, puppet on a string
You better get some sleep
Cause you’ll never stop running
Till you figure out what you believe


She is running, she is gone
She is crying singing along
She is wondering what she’s got all figured out
Someday she will sew the seam
Tuck away her bittersweet dreams but now
She is running
She is gone
She’s gone.
Track Name: Superman
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
You’ve got it all & I’ve got
Well, I’ve got you talking to me
You’ve got it all & I’ve got
I’ve got a shy girl’s self esteem

Don’t bother, please don’t bother
I say to you in hindsight
Don’t bother with that poor girl’s heart
She’ll never make it out quite right

But you were dressed in blue & you know how I like that
But I’d like anyone who said to me what you said
Bet you think you’re some hero
Well you know you were to me
But you’re just a little boy
Some hero you turned out to be
You left me, left me, left me

Superman, I know you’re with Lois Lane
But I need you, uh-oh, simple and plain
Hanging off a building but I can wait
For you to fly in, fly in

Superman, I know we never got to be
All I know is you were in love with me
Took my heart, never set it free
Superman save me, save me.

Verse 2:
You’ve got it all & you’ve got
You’ve got me in the palm of your hand
You’ve got a gleam in your eye
& a grin I can’t withstand

You’ve got a blonde, they’re always blonde
You have got her on your arm
I’ve got a sideways glance
& remembered scraps of worthless charm

Don’t bother, please don’t bother
I say to you in hindsight
Don’t bother with that, boy
You’ll never make it out quite right

The things you taught me I still have with me today
Don’t ever trust a soul and don’t you give your heart away
Don’t ever give that heart away, yeah



I’ve got it all cause I’ve got
I’ve got those who care about me
You’ve got it all
You’ve got yourself right here, nothing but a memory

Guess I was wrong, guess I was wrong
Sometimes things do turn out alright
You’ve got a song
Okay, two songs
But you won’t have my tears tonight, no you won’t have…

Superman, I’m glad you’re with Lois Lane
I don’t need a hero, simple and plain
Don’t you ever come round here again
Trying to fly in, fly in

Superman, I got better things to do
Than hitch a ride and just fly along with you
In heart & mind, finally we are through
Go ahead fly away, Superman


Fly away, fly away, fly.
Track Name: Anywhere
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
It was my mistake
To think you’d ever even look my way
I try to hide the fact that I
Am falling for you harder by the day

So tell me the things I want to hear
Cause your eyes don’t convince me
I’m tired of trying so hard for you, dear
But I wouldn’t mind if you would smile back at me

Do you want me to leave, baby
Cause I will
Don’t get me wrong
It’s been a thrill
But I don’t know what else to say or do to you

If you were to say “Honey, I don’t mind.”
“Stay as long as you like.”
I’d stay forever
But you just don’t seem to care
But if you change your mind
Give me a place and time
Cause you know, baby, that I’d
Follow you

Verse 2:
I wish you’d take your heart and put me in it
& you ruin my day then save it at the last minute, oh
You make me want to be the very best of me
I think we’d help each other if you’d look and see


Sometimes your words say that you love me
But your eyes they never do
Your smile could light up our whole city
It could light me up to
I’ll sit & tell myself that I am finally through
But I know I’m lying
Cause that laugh you’ve got just keeps me in the palm of your hand

[Pre chorus]
Track Name: More of You
More of You
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
K, so I’ll be honest
I think you’re awesome
& I still think about that day
You waved goodbye to me
When I wanted to stay

I could have sat inside that room for eternity
Talking about our favorite words
& favorite types of tea
My mother says that you’re a little old for me
She’s probably right, that’s just my kind of luck

All I’m saying is I’d like to see
More of you
We could talk about our hopes and dreams
If you wanted to
I guess I’m just not used to feeling
The way I do
My heart has never been a friend to me

Verse 2:
I could have sat inside that room for eternity
Talking about the whole wide world
& Sherlock BBC
There’s something in your voice that makes me so at ease
I think you’re swell, but is it quite enough?

Oh I’m just another wide-eyed girl
But I’ve got a lot to say
Out of all the bright boys in the world
Who’d have known
You’d make my day
All I’m saying is I’d like to see
More of you

We could talk about anything
That you wanted to
So let’s take this new beginning and see it through
My heart has never been a friend to me
Darling, you could be
That’s why I’d like to see
See more of you
Track Name: You Never Got Me Anyway
You Never Got Me Anyway
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
I’ll admit
I’m shaking with
The nerves from seeing you
For the first time
Ever since things between us fell through

Shaking off old regrets
I’ll put on my best face
Find a corner of the room
That I can make my place

There you are
& I feel like a fish caught on a hook
Glancing over, my friends give me reassuring looks
My heart starts to race when I see you walking my way
Hastily, I straighten up I wonder what we’ll say

I’ll say I’m fine
You’ll say you’re alright
Won’t have to much to say
But you never really got me anyway

Verse 2:
Awkwardly, I’m wishing you weren’t here in front of me
I begin to stutter and I tell myself to breathe
Suddenly, I’m wondering why I should feel this way
You’re the one who blew it
I’m gonna prove that I’m okay


There are times I wonder if you ever cared for me
I suppose that’s asking can a shallow pond be deep
I taped up my broken heart and I may have some scars
But I don’t have to hide them cause I know I’m better off


We’re done
I know
I’m fine solo
Don’t have to miss those days cause

You never really got me anyway (x4)
Track Name: Living Now
Living Now
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
I spend my time glaring
At the ordinary
That’s what’s keeping me sane

Not a day goes by
That I don’t reason why
And try to assign the blame

Is it true what I believe in?
Am I playing songs worth singing?

I don’t know that I could let go
Even if I don’t know
All the answers right now

All I see is what’s before me
& it makes me happy
Imagining another when, another how
But I love what I’ve been given
& the life that I am living now

Verse 2:
I spend all day sleeping
Sometimes feel too deeply
I may make some mistakes

My mom says that I
See things in black & white
Like typed up words on a page

Will it be like this forever?
Could you change me for the better?


Well I’ve had my heart broken enough it’s getting sad
I would say it’s just me or maybe it’s the way
I want what I can’t have
Could you teach me how to be?
Rid me of anxiety?
Cause if I’m speaking honestly,
I think my heart could use some peace

Track Name: End of the Line
End of the Line
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
I feel I have been torn in two
Like I buried half of me there in the ground with you
Now I don’t know which way to go
I’m searching for your face
In the crowd
In the quiet places that we made

So I’ll take the train down
To the end of the line
In the morning, when I wake
It’ll all be fine
You’ll be sitting in your chair
Sipping coffee like you do
I’ll be perfectly content just to be knowing you
& I wonder if you’re waiting for me on the other side
If I take the train down to the end of the line

Verse 2:
You’re still with me inside my head
Guess you don’t know what you’ve got
Until it winds up dead
Now I’m picking up the pieces of
The promises you broke
All alone
Weighted by the whisper of your ghost


I miss the promises we made
& the way we fight
I miss the smirk on your face
When you know you’re right
You had no right

Track Name: Rebekah's Song
Rebekah’s Song
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
So maybe I’m not as bulletproof as I thought
Maybe you’re the one coming out on top
I know we talked about it & I told you I was fine

We said we’d both go our separate ways
But to me it feels like we’re counting the days
Ticking on the clock, till your heart’s no longer mine

Moving on
Feels so wrong
Can’t help wondering
If we went back to the start
Would I have given up my heart, oh no

Verse 2:
Flash forward to a brand new day
I’m simply loving laughing at the things you say
Sitting in the passenger seat & it feels so right

I’m smiling but I’m feeling lost
Suddenly a shadow’s passing over my thoughts
I’m looking at you but all I’m seeing is goodbye


I want it all for you
Wishing you the best but
Well-wishing won’t stop the aching in my chest

Through it all you’re still my best friend
Don’t say this has to be the end

So maybe I’m not as bulletproof as I thought
Maybe you’re the one coming out on top
We can talk about it but it feels so far from fine
Everything’s moving at a quicker pace
I can see the worry written on your face
I know I told you I’m okay but I guess I lied


Moving on & we’ll be strong
& If you’re wondering
If we went back to the start
I’d always give you my heart, oh no

You’ve got my heart, oh no.
Track Name: My Love
My Love
Mason Zgoda

Verse 1:
My love has got the bluest eyes
That you have ever seen & I
Just can’t seem to quite get over it
My love

Verse 2:
My love’s just a little bit crazy
When he speaks I get a little hazy
& I just can’t seem to quite get over it
My love

Doo doo (x1000)

Verse 3:
My love you got a way about you
Strong & steadfast & true &
It’s about all I can do to not make a show of it
My love

Verse 4:
My love’s got a way with me
Puts the pink back in my cheeks
& I just can’t seem to quite get over it
My love

My love’s like a Sunday ride
Makes you feel alright inside
& I just can’t seem to quite get over it
My love

Doo doo (x1000)

I thought I’d let you know
You’re the greatest boy that I’ve ever known
I wouldn’t just tell you so
Cause I can’t get over it

Hey love, not one to believe the hype
I think more in black & white but
I thought I was getting a vibe
That you might feel the same as I

Doo doo (x10,000)
Da da da da dummmmm
Track Name: Black & White
Black & White
Mason Zgoda

I say all the wrong things
At the wrongest of times
Can’t express how I feel
Unless I’m making it rhyme
I’m a black & white girl
In a world full of grey
I hold out hope things will work out someday...